​Streamline documentation, 3-Dimensional scan as-built & collaborate with ease.  Powered by Matterport, our scans allow for creating 3-D models in almost no time at all.

  • We are able to capture construction conditions on one single file instead of thousands of individual photographs

  • Quicker than 3-D laser scanning & more complete than handheld 3-D scanners.

  • Available as Point Clouds and OBJs, as-built designs - Each model has a colorized point cloud generated with it. This point cloud is already registered, so it can be brought directly into your CAD program.

  • Import it into any CAD software and measure every angle, allowing you to effectively communicate with key stakeholders about each annotated record during every milestone

  • Reflected ceiling plan images are an orthogonal view up at the geometry of the ceiling from approximately 8 feet from the ground. This data comes from the geometry

  • High resolution floor plans are an orthogonal view down from about 6 feet in the air. It shows the floor and everything resting on the floor.

Interactive 3-Dimensional Virtual Tour Sample for Architecture, Engineering & Construction
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